Guest List vs FREE Tickets

Our website says TV Show Tickets, but we don't actually issue tickets to a show.  WE DO SOMETHING BETTER!  We put your name on the Studio Audience Guest list and reserve a seat for you!

When we first started attending tv shows, we ordered free general entry tickets (if we could find any).  We stood in a long line and depending on how early we arrived and how popular the show was, there was always a chance we couldn't get in the show!

While we were standing in line, we always noticed that certain people were going to the front of the line and being admitted first.  Curious, we found out that those people had their names on an entry guest list.  Having your name on a guest list seemed much better than standing in a line!


There are several ways to enter a show:

Production Guest List
If you are friends of one of the stars on the show, you can get yourself placed the TV Show Production Guest list and have a guaranteed front row seat!

By registering & attending a show with us as a part of our group, your name is placed on the Audience Guest list, generally reserving you a seat at the show!

FREE tickets
Free tickets are normally used to fill up any remaining seats at a show.  Free ticket holders enter the show until the show is full.


If yes, please fill out our TV SHOW REGISTRATION FORM.
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