For more info, please read WHY REGISTER WITH US.

Attending a show through us helps provide funding for the LA & San Diego Arts Foundations.  When you register for a show,  we'll submit your name to the studio on our Entry Guest list.

To register, simply fill out our TV Show Registration Form and select one of three Entry options:


* VIP Entry ($20 Donation to the Arts)
* Priority Entry ($20 Refundable Deposit)
* Standard Entry (No Deposit Required)

Generally, EVERYONE on our Entry list (no matter what Entry option was selected) has been ADMITTED into a show!  On certain occasions however, if a popular show is overbooked, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY that not everyone in our group will be admitted!

We HIGHLY recommend that if you're driving a long distance (or really want attend the show) that you select a VIP or Priority Entry to help avoid the possibility of being left outside and missing the show!
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